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Basic Information

A herb is a plant with useful properties that are not directly related to being eaten.

That said, a herb can be eaten, but will generally serve as a seasoning for food (or drink in some cases) rather than as a foodstuff in its own right, otherwise it may be prepared by a herbalist for use as a drug or for some other purpose - including driving off vermin, scenting places and goods or some industrial process (e.g. as a dye).

Specific Herbs

With Alleged Supernatural Properties

With (Alleged) Culinary Uses

With (Alleged) Medical Uses


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Game and Story Use

  • Gathering herbs may be a useful source of income - or part of a fetch quest. It can also lead NPCs into places where they need rescuing from, or find interesting clues, either of which can supply your PCs with adventure hooks.
  • Your PCs may want some culinary herbs to make their iron rations more edible.
  • Where herbalism is a significant part of the rules, herbs may be important medical supplies.
  • They may also act as green rocks to drive some useful power - a sort of poor man's version of a potion.
  • A con artist could pass off pretty much anything as herbs, perhaps adding random chopped weeds to his preparations to give a veneer of medicine.
    • If the herbs turn out to be poisonous or psychoactive, hilarity may ensure.
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