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Basic Information

The hippo is a type of large mammal that spends most of it's time in the water. They can weigh as much as 3 tons (2700 kg).

Despite being herbivores, Hippos are extremely dangerous and kill far more humans each year than lions do. They are aggressive, and have huge teeth. If angered they can charge (and remember they weigh a lot) as well as bite. In the water, they can tip over small boats, or bite holes in larger ones. Do not get between a momma hippo and her calf! In fact, don't get between any hippo and the water, either, because if they feel threatened they'll rush to the water at 30 mph. Hippos are also extremely unsanitary animals, with a habit of spraying urine and feces to mark their territory, so any wounds they do give you will likely end up infected.

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