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Basic Information

This page lists true historic events and other history-related subjects.
(It is not for mythological or controversial/hypothetical history, though alternative readings may appear in the pages themselves.)

Specific Historical Periods

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Game and Story Use

  • Historic events can inspire analogous plot developments regardless of what setting is being used.
    • Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it…
  • The more peculiar events are well suited for scenarios where the official reading is merely part of a cover-up to hide the supernatural, aliens, or the actions of some conspiratorial group.
  • History has many turning points where the intervention of a time traveler could profoundly change the course of history. A party may be tasked with preventing or reversing such a change by an opposing faction, or possibly with causing one themselves.
    • In some cases, these two can be combined into a scenario where history as we know it is the result of a time travel intervention.
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