Hive Mind
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Basic Information

A Hive Mind is a gestalt intelligence formed from the collective conciousness of a large number of less capable entities thinking together - pretty much the opposite of the sort of collective stupidity frequently demonstrated by large groups acting together. The term is often used for the apparent collective descision making demonstrated by eusocial insects, but in speculative fiction only really applies when a group of non-sapient creatures collectively generate a sapient group mind. Fictional hive minds, even those composed of quite humble creatures, are often extremely intelligent and (in the right settings) may even be able to use magic and/or psychic powers.

This is the sort of phenomenon that a rat king might perhaps exhibit - or at least act as a nexus for.

More metaphorical hive minds may be said to exist in places like online fora (or, <ahem>, wikia) where a decision or position may be taken on the basis of the combined wisdom (or foolishness) of many people. This is often extrapolated into the future with super-minds composed of a variety of electronically connected humans, perhaps entire nations.


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Game and Story Use

  • A hive mind should be creepy - seeing so many animals working in close co-ordination should be bad enough, let alone people apparently sharing minds and bodies.
  • These things also make good NPCs, up to and including the BBEG, especially if they can actually communicate.
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