Horrible Judge Of Character
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Basic Information

A Horrible Judge Of Character is someone who is easily duped and willing to trust even the most evil of villains. Usually, only extreme displays of villainy or betrayal will cause them to stop being so trusting - and even then, they might sometimes believe they can "redeem" the villain.

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Game and Story Use

  • Sometimes player characters fall into this role all by themselves. Keep on dropping hints that their trust is misplaced - but keep them subtle. Once the character realizes that he has been duped all the time and connects all the dots, his anguish will be all the more enjoyable because it was his own fault for being so gullible.
  • The PCs might have earned the enmity of a particular villain - but he is protected by one or more powerful people who are otherwise decent folks, but Horrible Judges of Character. They can't strike at the villain directly, so the PCs need to expose his villainy to his patrons first.
  • Having one of these as a patron would be even funnier as the PCs have to interact civilly with a pack of incompetents and villains that happen to have the same employer. Although that might be too much like real life for some people.
    • More so if they end up having to protect their employer from the results of his bad hiring practices … possibly without the employer's help, approval or even consent.
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