Hot Neptunes
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Basic Information

Hot Neptunes are Ocean Planets that are now located so close to the star they orbit that the ocean should be constantly boiling - but the immense pressure of such a large planet would keep it from actually boiling. The water of the ocean would exist in a supercritical fluid state - able to diffuse through solids like a gas, and yet dissolve materials like a liquid. The boundaries of the planet would be very poorly defined, as the outermost water fluctuated between states.

Hot Neptunes began their existence as a Ice Giant (planet), and gradually drifted to less than an astronomical unit of the star they orbit.


Game and Story Use

  • Scalding and uninhabitable to us, but it's possible that Hot Neptunes could give birth to energy beings or extremophiles. I mean, the two things life needs most are energy and water - and that's exactly what Hot Neptunes are all about.
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