Hound Of Tindalos
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Basic Information

The Hounds of Tindalos are a type of cthulhu mythos creature first described by Frank Belknap Long in the eponymous 1929 short story. "Described" may be something of an overstatement as no actual description is given - the name of "hounds" derives more from their behaviour than any known appearance. They are said to derive from the angles of time, as opposed to the curves, which are the source of most normal creatures (whatever that may mean) but tend to hang about the distant past of earth where they serve as a form of clock roach, fastening their attention to those who engage in excessive time travel (especially those who probe into the ancient past) and relentlessly hunting them down through time. Having located a victim, the hounds can then manifest through any corner of less than 120' and attack - there are no known survivors (hence the lack of descriptions) but they are believed to attack with some kind of corrosive tongue, tentacle or pseudopod and leave a bluish slime in their wake.


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