Huge Head Of Pharaoh Unearthed In Egypt
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March 1, 2010:

Archaeologists have uncovered the massive stone head of a statue of king Amenhotep III, who ruled Egypt from about 1387 to 1348 BC and was the grandfather of Tutankhamun. The head was found buried in the ruins of the king's mortuary temple and measures about 2.5m (8 ft.) high.

The head is remarkably intact and it's face is unmarred by breaks or damage. Most of the rest of the statue was found some years earlier and Egyptian antiquities officials plan on restoring the complete figure.


Game and Story Use

  • Could there be a sinister reason why the head was removed from the body of the statue and why it wasn't found with the rest of the pieces?
    • Perhaps supporters of Amenhotep wanted to save the king's face from being defaced when his son, the Heretic King Akhenaten took over.
    • What will happen when the head is restored to the statue's body?
      • The statue comes to life! Amenhotep lives again!!!
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