Huge Sea Worm Captured in Britain
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April 2, 2009: A giant sea worm has been captured at an aquarium in Newquay, United Kingdom. The creature is over four foot in length, and is covered with bristles which can cause permanent numbness in humans. The curator suspects that the creature arrived as an infant from another aquarium.



Game and Story Use

  • Creatures like this might be enough for an encounter in their own right, especially if the PCs are underwater and aren't prepared or protected for it.
    • Even larger versions might be more dangerous, and perhaps even attack humans for food.
    • Quite a lot of marine species have no built in limit to their growth - as long as there's sufficient food for them, they'll keep growing. Lambton Worm anyone?
  • Perhaps a mad scientist is experimenting with a "growth ray" in the region.
  • Perhaps there is an Eldritch Horror on the loose somewhere that warms maritime animals. If the PCs know about this being, they could investigate the shipments to this aquarium to find its likely locations.
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