Hulk Speak
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Basic Information

Argh! Too many big words in this Wiki! Thag hates big words! Thag hates complex grammatical constructions! Thag only use Hulk Speak! Hulk Speak is when character talk simple. Refer to self in third person. Call other people by descriptive nicknames like call knight "Metal Man" or call Doctor Strange "Cape Guy". People think guy who talk Hulk Speak big and stupid. Thag think people stupid! Ha! Maybe Thag just pretend to talk stupid to fool puny people! Thag like using word "puny". Thag also like expressing sophisticated concepts in Hulk Speak if it funny.


Game and Story Use

  • Obviously, a primitive character might express himself in Hulk Speak.
  • It is a traditional, if cliched, means of characterizing a Big, Dumb Bruiser.
  • Although this speech pattern can also be used to depict a very small child who is still developing his speech skills.
  • A big, strong guy who is actually quite intelligent might affect Hulk Speak in order to play to people's expectations.
  • The cRPG Arcanum included a sort of 'hulk speak' option if the PC chose his background as being a construct - you could be as smart as you liked, but a damaged voice-brain connection always gave you the "stupid" dialogue choices. This could be an amusing option for characterisation.
  • You could also use hulk-speak for a foreigner or alien who has translation problems - although this tends more towards "you no take candle".
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