Human-animal hybrid ban sought at Louisiana session
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April 17, 2009: Louisiana senator Danny Martiny has filed a bill which would make it illegal to create human-animal hybrids, punishing violators with high fines and/or extended prison terms.

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Game and Story Use

  • In a Twenty Minutes Into The Future or Cyberpunk campaign, some jurisdictions will permit the creation of such hybrids, while others forbid it. Problems (=possible adventures) will arise when such jurisdictions shift suddenly, or when the hybrids need to be transported through the "wrong" territory.
    • It gets even more complicated if such beings are allowed to reach maturity - especially if they have human or near-human intelligence. Figuring out their rights will be a major political headache.
    • When sexy cat-girls are outlawed, then only outlaws will have sexy cat-girls. Just sayin' is all.
  • Why would he think this was necessary, let alone right now? What does he know?
    • Chimerisation experiments are already in progress in some places (National Geographic) and it would probably clap a stopper on various other GM'ing of humans with non-synthetic DNA at points in the future.
  • <insert joke about those attempting to procure such hybrids without biotechnology>
  • What constitutes a hybrid? Would, say, using chunks of transspecies DNA to patch out defects in a genome count? What about wholly synthetic DNA patches?
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