Human Bigfoot Hybrid From China
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April 28, 2011: A woman in the Sichuan Province of China claims that she was abducted by a "yeren" - the Chinese equivalent of the sasquatch - and raped repeatedly before being released. Nine month later she gave birth to a son, who was tall, misshapen and gangly and was never able to speak any language (though he understood what others said). Some skeptics claim that he was microencephalic, although the author claims that he was too tall for that.

The author further mentions that the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest would claim that the Sasquatch would sometimes abduct young women for months, which sometimes ended up with them being pregnant and giving birth to children that also were "not quite right" in a similar manner. Other cases of human crossbreeds involve the Almas in the Caucasus / Abkhazia (where one story involves a female Almas was abducted and "tamed" and had four children with a human man) and Russia.

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  • If humans and sasquatches can interbreed, what else might lurk in human DNA?
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