Hypothetical Types Of Biochemistry
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Basic Information

Here on Earth, Life As We Know It is built around Carbon as the basic building block, with Water as the solvent. Our cells are made of carbon, and water is used to break down other carbons and move them around within and between the cells. Oxygen is produced via photosynthesis in plants, and Oxygen is consumed in respiration in animals.

In theory, at least, life might exist that uses some element other than Carbon as it's primary building block, and some chemical other than water as it's solvent (and using some other element for respiration) and would thus be an entirely different form of biochemistry. Such theories are the domain of Alternative Biology and Xenobiology. They can also feature in conjunction with Abiogenesis such as in Clay Theory, as early life might have used different biochemistries to the one that eventually dominated.

Possible Subtypes:



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