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Basic Information

Icebergs are huge masses of floating ice. They originate by breaking off of a glacier or ice shelf. Icebergs can occasionally attain immense sizes; Iceberg B-15, which broke off from the Ross Ice Shelf of Antarctica in 2000, was around 11,000 square kilometers (comparable to Jamaica or Qatar).

Icebergs can be a hazard for ships in cold seas.

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Game and Story Use

  • On an Ice Planet where the (saltwater) seas are colder than the melting point of freshwater ice, colossal icebergs might persist for ages, and even be populated by civilizations. Such civilizations would move around, and thus see their neighbors (and political situation) and their access to resources change, providing plenty of causes for conflict.
  • Out of Place Artifacts, or, in a less hard-science campaign, frozen monsters might be preserved within an iceberg.
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