Imported Alien Phlebotinum
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Basic Information

Imported Alien Phlebotinum is Phlebotinum that was abandoned or supplied by some alien race, or other temporary visitor to our neck of spacetime. Often it's totally normal average joe-types who receive or find the Imported Alien Phlebotinum.

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Game and Story Use

  • If the source of the phlebotinum is from another planet, another dimension, etc, it really gives you a lot of freedom.
    • You can set the game in Modern Day, but have tech from the Far Future.
      • With no need to explore exotic future cultures, you just say "it's like today, but with these magic rocks from space!"
    • Phlebotinum Breakdown can happen more often than with other types of phlebotinum, because it's supposed to be mysterious and alien.
  • This also allows the GM a hard limit on the amount of supernatural activity - if things start getting out of hand he can choke back the supply and PCs special powers can be kept in hand by rationing the phlebotinium.
  • There is also the usual plot effects of any scarce resource - doubly so if it is also difficult and/or dangerous to store.
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