In Florida, mysterious slaughter of horses continues
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Basic Information

August 3, 2009: The article compiles information from three other articles about criminal horse-killings near Miami, Florida. A total of 17 horses have been killed over the past seven months. The animals are brutally slaughtered bled out, and pieces taken. In some cases the beheaded bodies are partially hidden, in other cases they're left out in the open.

The article suggests a few motives:

  • Apparently, horse-flesh is considered a delicacy in some cultures.
  • However, one of the articles that article cites also suggests we may be unwittingly eating horse-meat, that's labeled and sold as if it's beef.
    • Since these are riding horses, they may have been given tranquilizers, medicines, insect repellents, etc, that should never be put into the human food chain.

There appears to be no connection between the owners of the horses.


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