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Basic Information

The incubus is the much less famous spear counterpart of the succubus and thus the demon that embodies untrammelled male sexuality and lust. What that actually means is up for debate - sometimes the incubus is a sly seducer that panders to women, in others a satyr like rapist … of course the two natures may coincide in the same demon, raping where it cannot seduce. Appearance is therefore likely to vary from an androgynous seductive pretty boy to bestial and hyper masculine with an equal range of demonic features. Like the succubus it may also copulate with sleeping women.

Motivations are likely to include spreading the sins of fornication, adultery and oathbreach (depending on who it seduces), begetting part demon offspring1 and spreading discord by leaving undeniable evidence of infidelity or unchastity. More subtle offenders may also poison bloodlines by engendering children which will pass for those of the woman's husband but actually partake of their father's demonic nature.

Some traditions suggest that the incubus is merely a transformed succubus and uses semen that it has stolen from human men that it has seduced, probably with some kind of demonic taint.

As with the succubus, particularly depraved BBEGs may have these creatures as concubines of one sort or another.


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Game and Story Use

  • Merlin was famously said to have been fathered on a nun by an incubus.
  • A series of nocturnal rapes could be blamed on an incubus, even if it's actually a mortal offender.
  • Likewise, an incubus could disguise itself as a specific mortal (perhaps with a glamour) whilst about its business to further the spread of discord.
  • The idea of a bloodline poisoned by a cuckolding incubus might be an interesting bit of background - perhaps to mark the degeneration of a monarchy into tyranny as subsequent generations spread the demonic taint.
    • No, we haven't been playing Crusader Kings II … much. Who's asking?
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