Indonesian Mythology
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Indonesian Mythology is the myths and folklore of Indonesia. Indonesia is very culturally diverse, with over 100 ethnic groups. So it's got elements drawn from Dayak mythology, Batak mythology, Toraja mythology, Asmat mythology, Sundanese mythology, Javanese mythology, Minangkabau mythology and malay mythology. Syncretism has blended the folklore of these groups together to various extents, and they've further imported ideas from Hindu mythology, Islamic mythology, Buddhist mythology and Christian mythology.

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  • Barong - a good-aligned panther, king of the spirits
  • Batara Kala - god of the underworld, fearsome and ugly, causes the eclipse
  • Dewi Sri - goddess of rice and fertility
  • Hainuwele - born from a coconut, she literally poops out valuable items
  • Hudoq - 13 crop-destroying pests who are placated with a yearly multi-hour dance
  • Hyang - revered unseen spiritual entities that can only move in straight lines
  • Nyai Loro Kidul - goddess of the sea
  • Ratu Adil - the Just King, a messianic figure in 12th Century prophecies.
  • Silewe Nazarate - goddess of the moon, symbol of life



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