Infantry Fighting Vehicle
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Basic Information

The infantry fighting vehicle is the transport of choice for the modern armoured infantryman. Best conceived of as the offspring of an armoured personnel carrier and a tank, the IFV generally resembles an APC with improved armour and a turreted, ordnance grade main armament. Most, but not all, IFV tend to be fully tracked.

In combat, the IFVs role is to transport infantry in close support of tanks into and throughout contact with the enemy. Exact doctrine will depend on the user, with some armies preferring to dismount infantry for the attack and have them assault with the IFV giving covering fire, whilst others prefer to run the IFV onto the objective and dismount the load into a direct assault. Use may also depend on the environment and level of opposition.

To the underinformed, tracked IFV are very easily mistaken for tanks (and, to be fair, they have a limited ability to serve in that capacity if required) and so may generate false intelligence reports.


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Game and Story Use

  • Similar to those for the APC … with a bigger gun on it.
  • Disguising an IFV as a tank is a possible bluff, but a dangerous one if it gets called.
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