Instant Guitar Lesson
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Basic Information

Practice makes perfect, but who has time to practice? Time Travelers do. Being a time traveler is great. If you're healthy and in half-way decent physical shape, then you can play the sports at the professional level. With the least bit of talent and inspiration, you'll be painting like Rembrandt (or Picasso) in no time.

Let's say Three Mile Island is about to meltdown and destroy the city, and only you can stop it. Even if you don't know jack about reactors, it's not a problem if you've got a Time Machine. You pop off to the future, and sign up for a course on nuclear engineering from the college of your choice. At the end of every class session, you travel several days into the future, arriving just in time for the next class. You can get the equivalent of a full semester's study in just a couple days of personal time. Once you feel you've mastered the subject, you time travel back to a second after you left the reactor, and fix the problem while all that knowledge is still fresh in your head.


1. Movie: Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
2. RPG: Continuum

Game and Story Use

  • Is your game system prepared to deal with this? Time to figure out what experience points really represent in your campaign.
  • This is the reason why the Veteran Chrononaut is so darned good at everything. Of course, it's also why he's noticeably older every time you see him.
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