Interpol investigates 'baby factory' as man fathers 16 surrogate children
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August 23, 2014: Interpol is investing a Japanese businessman who intends to have lots of children by using surrogate mothers in various countries, including Thailand and Cambodia. According to sources, he wants to continue having 10-15 babies every year until he dies, and he has frozen sperm for this purpose. The donor of the eggs has not been identified yet. In another comment to fertility clinic staff, he claimed that he wanted to "win elections", and a "big family" could be helpful with that.

Interpol is currently investigating whether he could be charged for human trafficking or exploitation of children - though it is yet unclear whether either of these applies.



Game and Story Use

  • It is possible that he has a very rare bloodline with special powers, and wants to multiply the number of people with this bloodline drastically.
    • Or perhaps the mother - that is, the egg donor - has that power, and he wants his own progeny to have that power as well. In that case, maybe she didn't donate those eggs willingly…
  • He states that he wants to "win elections", but doesn't go into more detail. Odds are that he has no influence over his children (…right?), and they wouldn't be able to vote for him (at least, not in normal elections…), so what's he really up to?
    • He has a pact with a spirit that also favours fecundity?
      • The pact actually requires that the children then be turned into vessels to be possessed by its own agents?
      • The children were intended for human sacrifice to his patron.
      • It's rather more than "a spirit" and he's got into the whole quiverfull thing.
    • He hasn't accounted for the fact that his children might not automatically support him (Occam's razor at work there…).
    • He thinks that having many children will mark him out as potent and masculine and worthy of being followed - especially in a nation like Japan with a declining population and low birthrate.
      • Specifically, he wishes to start a renewal movement and lead by example.
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