Interstellar Terrain
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Basic Information

This page is a list of Stellar Phenomena, Solar Phenomena, and Celestial Bodies. Some links are general categories of interstellar phenomena, other links are to specific stars or planets. There's also several links to planetary-scale (or larger) Megastructures. This page is a catch-all list of interesting places and objects in the cosmos. It includes real objects, lots of hypothetical ones, and more than a few things that have been disproven but could still be interesting for gaming.

See also Space Exposure for the main terrain hazard of space.
See also Stellar Classification for an explanation of how the Stars are classified and rated.
See also Random Planetary System for a randomly-generated star system or planetary system of your very own.
See also Space Disaster for pages about things that can go wrong as you encounter the interstellar terrain.

Interstellar Terrain Tropes

Where familiarity or the rule of cool triumphs over science. Most are a case of Space Does Not Work That Way


3. NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day - Features pictures of much of this interstellar terrain.

Game and Story Use

  • The links on this page should prove useful if you need a hazard, destination, or scenery for a game involving spacecraft.
  • Most of the things on this list may be encountered by space-faring PCs.
    • However, some (such as the various theorized black hole variants and some dark matter candidates) may conflict with each other. Unless you really know what you're doing, it's probably best to stick to just one black hole theory, and just one dark matter theory, per campaign.
  • To avoid the most common mistakes that players might call you on, see Space Does Not Work That Way.
  • Remember, what space has the most of, more than anything else, is empty space. No need to make your universe too crowded. See Sci Fi Writers Have No Sense Of Scale for the big picture.
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