Inventor unveils anatomically correct fem-bot
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December 17, 2008: A Canadian inventor has created an "anatomically correct" robot named "Aiko" in the shape of a Japanese girl. The robot can speak 13,000 phrases in English and Japanese, read newspapers, and learn the layout of buildings and give directions. Furthermore, the robot has touch sensors and indicate pain or annoyance. The creator has denied creating it for sexual purposes, although he has stated in the FAQ[3]:

"Companionship: Yes, it is possible to have Aiko as a companion. Aiko has sensitive sensors on her faces, body, including her breasts and even down there. Aiko will know the difference when being touch gently or being tickled. The BRAINS software and Aiko can be re-designed to simulate her having an "O…..". The software can be re-designed to "play hard to get" or "straight to the point". "

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Game and Story Use

  • It is very likely that "anatomically correct" female-shape robots will be used for sexual purposes in the near future, and thus are likely to pop up in Twenty Minutes Into The Future, CyberPunk, or more cynical Science Fiction settings in general.
  • The porn industry helped the Internet grow rapidly in its early years, and thus helped grow its infrastructure until other industries figured out profitable uses for it. It is possible that now the same industries will do the same for the field of robotics.
  • If the creation of golems is relatively common knowledge in a fantasy setting, you just know that some enterprising enchanter will try to create something similar…
  • If one becomes sentient or able to fake sentience, be prepared for (at the very least) a pile of thorny legal issues.
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