Israel Distributes Libido-Increasing Gum In Gaza
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Basic Information

July 13, 2009

According to an article in the Israeli news site Ynet news, a Hamas police spokesman in the Gaza Strip has accused Israeli Intelligence of trying to "destroy" the younger generation by distributing libido-enhancing gum. The police seized the sex gum after a Palestinian man complained that his daughter had experienced "the dubious side-effects" after chewing the gum. According to the police spokesman, a Palestinian drug dealer has admitted selling products to increase sex drive and that they were smuggled to him from sources in Israel.

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Game and Story Use

  • Okay, so the Israeli Government angle isn't terribly likely; but I can see an unscrupulous salesman using "boosts your libido!" as a marketing strategy.
    • Just ask "Smilin' Bob"!
    • The gum might even work as advertised.
  • The PCs could be trying to crack a drug ring smuggling illegal sex gum
    • Or more likely, the PC are actually doing the smuggling themselves and must outwit drug enforcement authorities.
    • The first step could be to steal the gum - imagine, for example, that a government has successfully developed and stockpiled such a gum … and someone is after diverting it from its intended purpose and selling it to leisure users. Possibly by swapping it out for some entirely mundane gum.
  • Then again, this wouldn't be the first time a government tried a hare-brained scheme to destablize an enemy.
  • This also highlights the danger of assuming that your enemy thinks like you do - Hamas might consider that someone could be "destroyed" by increasing their libido, but it would be bizarre indeed if the Israelite defence establishment thought that kind of "destruction" worth the resources it would take to develop and deploy the gum.
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