It Could Happen Here Podcast
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  • March to May, 2019: This 10-part investigative journalism podcast covers the growing militant movements in the US and bad actors seeking to "raise the temperature" and push the country towards a 2nd American Civil War. The various episodes spell out numerous scenarios any of which could play out to tear apart America and have far-reaching consequences for the world.

Robert Evans, the host of the podcast, is on the far left of the political aisle, but he's also gun owner and a survivalist prepper who thinks most gun control laws are poorly conceived, so he brings some very nuanced perspectives rarely heard elsewhere. His previous journalism includes several trips to international warzones, as well as a variety of US protest rallies and marches, so he's not just making this stuff up.

Topics covered include:

and most importantly:

  • things everyone can do to help slowly edge the country back from the danger, madness and societal collapse that might be in our near future.


1. original podcast on i heart radio

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