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Basic Information

Jackalopes are mythological creatures from North American folklore. They are depicted as rabbits with the horns of deer or antelopes. They are allegedly capable of imitating any sound, including human voices, which they use to elude pursuit. Some stories say that they can only breed during electrical storms or hailstorms, explaining their rarity.

Allegedly, the first white man to spot a Jackalope was one John Colter, in 1829 in what would become Douglas, Wyoming, which still celebrates "Jackalope Day" on June 31 to this day.

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Game and Story Use

  • Since a rabbit's foot is supposed to bring good luck as a talisman, how much more potent will a Jackalope's food be?
  • If a monster only breeds during thunderstorms, there might be a reason for the wizard or especially the druid to make it rain all the time.
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