Japan Child Robot Mimicks Infant Learning
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April 5, 2009: Japanese researchers have built a humanoid robots who gradually learns by observing mimicking human behavior, similar to infants.



Game and Story Use

  • As this robot's appearance places it deeply into the Uncanny Valley, just using it in an adventure can be made very, very creepy. Just imagine a room full of these robots, mimicking infant behavior, and calling female PCs "mommy" and male PCs "daddy"…
    • Perhaps some villain has put bombs inside them, which go off when they come into contact with a human.
    • Alternatively, imagine some recluse living in a house all alone, with nothing but a bunch of these robots to keep him company…
    • Or perhaps a bunch of these robots are abandoned in a room somewhere, and switched off. But when the PCs restore the power supply for the complex, these robots are reactivated as well. They can represent an effective Cat Scare in contrast to whatever other threats lurk inside the complex…
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