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Basic Information

Jazerant is a (transliterated Turkish) name for a type of armour consisting of a layer of chainmail between two of cloth or leather, very popular in medieval Turkey and Persia but also appearing (possibly by independant invention) in Japan. In some ways, this seems much like a chain version of brigandine and probably has the same advantages - some benefits in weather protection and comfort, and the ability to be presentable - if not exactly covert - if properly tailored and finished.

Historically, this seems to have been fairly light armour, not to be compared to a full weight hauberk, but still giving useful protection for its weight.


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Game and Story Use

  • Doesn't appear in most fRPGs - probably because it doesn't appear much in the medieval Europe they often use as a base - but would be good for an alternate culture (as in real life).
  • In a historical campaign, this might be the sort of armour someone brings back from the Crusade - and might be a useful form of hidden protection against people who expect mail to be more overt.
    • Possibly the sort of thing sinister Templar covert operators might be issued.
  • Possible secret trade between Turkey and Japan? Sounds like an interesting story.
  • Would also work as part of a modern or early modern stab vest - or even sewn into the sleeves of a coat.
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