July 2

This page lists news articles and events for July 2.

Events that happen on the specified date are listed under Events: entries. News articles that were published on the specified date are listed under News: entries. Events that only happened in fiction on the specified date are listed under Fiction: entries and are written in italics.

Recurring Events

One-time Events/News

  • 1867:
    • Fiction: The U.S. warship Abraham Lincoln is sent to hunt down the creature responsible for the destruction of the Moravian and the Scotia. Among the passengers is Professor Aronnax of Paris Museum. (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne)
  • 1881:
    • Event: President James Garfield shot by an assassin while on his way to deliver a speech. Doctors are unable to find one of the bullets lodged in his body. He dies two months later.
  • 1981:
  • 2009:
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