Karmic Transformation
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Basic Information

A karmic transformation is a shape shifting trope. It transforms a character into something he hates, and is often an ironic punishment.

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Game and Story Use

  • For player characters, this should probably be reserved for a one-shot, as few people like it when their character concept is altered by the game master.
    • If the transformation is supposed to last for longer campaign arcs, the new form should be something that doesn't prevent the character from using his abilities (and equipment) - a gender transformation, another humanoid race, and so on. This will cause less resentment and might instead be seen as a role-playing opportunity.
  • In some kinds of campaigns, this might be an appropriate way of punishing the villains. But the player characters should still be able to feel that they contributed to the villain's defeat, even if they didn't cause the transformation themselves.
  • Or, the PCs encounter an NPC who is the victim of a Karmic Transformation and is seeking to reverse it
    • But does he really deserve to be freed of his curse?
    • Depends on how much he's willing to pay the PC's!
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