KCPD uncovers subterranean suburb on northeast side
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April 9, 2013: The police of Kansas City, Missouri have uncovered a tunnel and cave system used by the homeless of the area, which was described as "an underground suburb".


Game and Story Use

  • If the homeless are willing and able to build such a system in our world, in one of the most prosperous nations on Earth, then this might certainly be a recurring feature elsewhere.
    • Of course, these people might not have considered themselves homeless - they might have considered themselves quite adequately housed, albeit in a settlement that happened not to have government approval. Almost certainly homeless now…
  • Gives a (w)hole new meaning to "living below the grid" - and frankly this is only likely to become more prevalent as your setting becomes more authoritarian and dystopic: alternative economies, disconnected from the "real" taxed and surveilled economy and (at least partially) underground to escape detection.
    • PCs might need to make contact with such a culture for various black market goods and services - "mole people" NPCs might make very useful contacts.
    • PCs might originate in such a sub-culture and be faced with the real possibility of being a non-person as far as society at large is concerned. In some dystopiae this may be a crime in itself, otherwise it may just be enough to have them assumed to be a criminal or illegal alien.
    • PCs fleeing the law might be able to take refuge with such a sub-culture.
    • As per Deus Ex terrorists (or resistance volunteers) might infiltrate, subvert or displace mole people from their tunnels - the appearance of more dossers on the streets might be a warning sign that something or someone else is in the tunnels. Come to think of it, it might not be humans driving them out.
    • If this grows large enough, it might become an independent city-state-within-a-city with its own government, imports and exports, and border guards posted at the tunnel entrances.
  • Speaking of which, CHUD anyone?
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