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Basic Information

These creatures are similar to the pooka, but significantly more malevolent. These creatures tend to appear as either sleek black or white ponies. They appear to be gentle lost creatures allowing you to saddle them and ride them like a horse if you so choose. They can be identified by the fact that their skin is much like that of a seal's and very cold to the touch. In addition they always drip water.

In some versions you have to allow them near a body of water for trouble to start and in some once you are on their backs they will take you to a body of water giving you no choice. They excrete a sticky substance from their flesh keeping you on their back once they have you. Once at a body of water they will dive under and allow you to drown before ripping you to pieces - and devouring all but your heart and liver.



Game and Story Use

  • In a fantasy setting this could just be a chance encounter in the woods.
    • There could also be disappearing children, with nothing but their hearts and livers found by the river. Perhaps this is a new type of creature that the townsfolk haven't encountered before. Perhaps they were created by a wizard twisting a gentle pooka.
  • In a more modern setting this could be one of the ridiculous folk superstitions that the investigators know better than to believe- at least until they start seeing proof.
    • Hilarious for a modern police officer to try to explain to his superiors.
  • In more of a sci-fi setting these could be a genetically engineered creature designed to keep the local populace in check.
  • Why don't they eat the heart and the liver? Could a substance found in one or both of those organs be the key to an effective poison for kelpie-killing?
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