Kentucky Train Collision with Disk UFO
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On January 14, 2002 at 2:47 a.m. coal train on route from Russell, Kentucky to Shelbiana, Kentucky allegedly hit a floating, disk-shaped UFO. The encounter started when all the electrical systems on board the train went haywire (and the watches stopped). The train still had its momentum, however, and the crew noticed three objects scanning a nearby river with some sort of "headlight". At this point the train hit one of the objects with a train speed of 30 mph and a mass of 16,000 tons trailing behind the locomotive. The UFO clipped the top of the lead unit and sliced a chunk out of the trailing unit and two coal cars, subsequently vanishing. The other UFOs vanished as well.

After the train stopped, its power came back, and the crew asked the dispatcher for instructions. They were ordered to move to the Paintsville train yard which is no longer in full operation. There they encountered people in strange outfits who went over the train. They were pulled into an office and interrogated about the incident, while the two locomotives and leading coal wagons were pulled under a "huge tent-like structure buzzing with activity". They were asked to remain silent "for reasons of natural security".

Then they were put on a railroad wagon to Martin, Kentucky, where they were questioned by railroad officials and drug tested. After rest, they were put to work on another train from Shelbiana to Russel, and when they passed through Paintsville nothing unusual could be seen.


Game and Story Use

  • This could be a vital clue towards combating UFOs - while they will short out electrical systems coming nearby, purely mechanical forces will still work on them. Thus, guided missiles will be useless… but machine guns and railguns, especially when shot from a safe distance, will still damage them.
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