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(Pl. Kitsune; Key-tsoo-neh)

Basic Information

The Kitsune is a mythological being of Eastern creation. This creature is a single, or multi-tailed (up to nine) Fox. Stories call them rain spirits, and traditionally considered them neutral or good beings.

Their powers are chiefly manifested through shape-shifting and illusion. They also on occasion would possess people, although not necessarily with malefic intent.

The Japanese rice god, Inari, was said to use Kitsune as his messengers.

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Game and Story Use

  • Kitsune are often used in stories, the most well known modern stories mentioning them are Pok√©mon (Vulpix and Ninetails,) Naruto, and Okami. According to the Sonic Team, Tails is not a Kitsune, though many fans consider him one
  • Kitsune are very powerful magical creatures, and are traditionally capable of possessing, persuading, or otherwise controlling simple, foolish, weak-minded, non-magic human types.
    • A local magistrate has suddenly started acting peculiar, issuing nonsensical edicts and demanding red beans and rice for every meal. His family fears he has been possessed by a kitsune and is trying to conceal this from the rest of the community. They ask the party for help.
    • A farmer is being plagued by a mischievous kitsune who keeps playing magical pranks on his farm. He asks the players for help. What he doesn't know is that the pranks are of a beneficial nature and that the Rice god Inari has sent the kitsune to aid the farmer.
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