Klinikum Aachen
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Basic Information

The Klinikum Aachen is the main hospital serving Aachen. It is part of the RWTH Aachen university. Construction on it started in 1972, and it was finished in 1985. Its architecture is distinctive - from far away it looks more like an oil refinery than a hospital because its piping is installed on the outside of the building. This is deliberate - its architects chose the so-called "High-Tech Architecture" style for it, and the end result is an enormous building (it is the largest hospital in Europe) which is as spectacular as it is ugly.


1. Further information on the Klinikum, including layout and partial floor plans. German only! Go to this and this folder to get better images of the layout and floor plans.
2. Wikipedia entry - look at the images!

Game and Story Use

  • If there was ever a hospital in which you'd expect a zombie outbreak, it's this one.
  • There are rumors that the architect later on had a psychological breakdown. So just what kinds of extradimensional entities was he channeling when he built this hospital? And did this somehow result in a weakening of the local interdimensional barriers? Well, what do you think?
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