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Chief Exports - goats and nuts;
Chief Imports - goats and nuts;
Chief Inhabitants - goats and nuts.

Basic Information

A small, Ruritainian country nestled somewhere in Europe, the fictional country of Klopstokia was featured in the 1932 W.C. Fields movie Million Dollar Legs. All the men of this tiny nation are named "George" and all the women are named "Angela". The natives are trained from an early age to be extremely athletic and the country has a literal "Strong Man" ruler; its president can only be deposed by being beaten in an Indian wresting match. Oh, and a large percentage of the population is composed of spies. You get used to it.

The country's national anthem, "Woof Blugle Jig" is an old Klopstokian love song which coincidentally has the same melody as "One Hour With You", a popular song of the day.

In 1932, the country faced a financial crisis. To solve it, an American brush salesman persuaded the Klopstokian president to field a team to the Los Angeles Olympic Games in order to win prize money his company was offering. The Klopstokian team managed to win several gold medals, despite the machinations of the Secretary of the Treasury, who wished to overthrow the President and who hired a beautiful spy, Mata Machree, (The Woman No Man Can Resist) to sabotage the team.


1. Movie: Million Dollar Legs (1932)

Game and Story Use

  • Okay, so Klopstokia could only work in a silly campaign. It could still work.
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