Lady Of War
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Basic Information

The Lady of War is a more refined type of Action Girl. She has an aristocratic bearing and her weapons of choice emphasize grace and beauty of motion. She possesses a sense of savoir-faire far beyond your typical chick in a chainmail bikini. Sometimes she's arrogant and snobbish, other times gentle and polite, depending on her temperament. She may or may not be an actual princess; but she probably gets called one.

To the classical Greeks this was very much the hat for the goddess Athena.



Game and Story Use

  • The Lady of War makes a good PC character type. Her refined manners could possibly cause clashes with less couth party members, so some care should be taken to ensure that in-party bickering between the prissy elf and the slovenly barbarian don't get out of hand.
  • As an NPC, she could be either a support character or the Lieutenant of the Big Bad Evil Guy.
    • As always, if an NPC is intended to be supporting the PCs, make sure that she does not overshadow them. The players need to be the ones moving the plot.
  • The weapons wielded by the Lady of War should emphasize her beauty and grace. Tire irons and chainsaws are right out.
    • A rapier or a thin-bladed longsword makes an elegant weapon.
    • So does a bow, or other ranged weapons (for fantasy tropes at least - in reality a bow can be a bit tricky for a woman … the Amazons cut a breast off for a reason..).
    • If the Lady of War is a martial artist, choose a style that emphasizes grace of movement, such as Tai Chi
    • A Lady of War makes a good character type for a combat mage, specializing in ranged spells.
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