Lamellar Armour
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Basic Information

A type of flexible armour created by linking together small plates or scales of leather or metal1. Similar in appearance to scale armour but differing in that the plates are linked to one another rather than to a backing material. Often similar to laced mail in that the plates are strung onto a continuous thread, but in this case the overlapping plates usually protect the laces. Like scale, lamellar could be vulnerable to a rising blow and to shedding scales under attack.

Cheaper to manufacture than chainmail but heavier, less easy to move in and probably less durable in most cases, lamellar armour was popular throughout the ancient and medieval Near East and Orient. Examples saw combat as early as the pre-classical period and as late as the 19th century.

Often confused with scale armour (due to the similarity of appearance noted above) and so not widely known, the two should probably be pretty similar in game terms. Lamellar should probably be less encumbering due to its higher flexibility.

Obviously the use of leather rather than metal in the lamellae reduces the overall protection of the suit but also reduces the mass.


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