Lasers That Put Voices In Your Head
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February 18, 2008: According to report from 1998, the Pentagon investigated using lasers as a form of torture. Possible effects include:

  • Using lasers to make the target hear voices or other noises.
  • Inducing unconsciousness, seizures, muscle spasms, and muscle weakness.

According to the report, such weapons could have a range of several hundreds of meters, although there is no indication that such weapons were actually ever built.



Game and Story Use

  • Such lasers make a great addition to a "dirty tricks" arsenal, especially in conspiracy games rife with paranoia.
  • Lasers that make you hear voices? Put on your Tinfoil Hat to protect you from the Orbital Mind Control Lasers! Conspiracy Theorist characters may cite this as vindication - proof that the OMCLs are real.
    • Even funnier if the Pentagon got the idea from the conspiracy theory in the first place…
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