LCROSS Impact Data Indicates Water On Moon
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November 13, 2009: NASA announced the preliminary results of its LCROSS (Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite) mission. On October 9, the upper stage of the LCROSS impacted then surface of the Moon in a shadowed crater near the Moon's south pole. The second stage then analyzed the cloud of dust kicked up by the first stage. Spectroscopic analysis reveals the presence of water in the vapor and dust cloud, suggesting that the Moon may have more water than has been thought.

NASA scientists believe that the material in Cabeus crater, the impact site, has been undisturbed for billions of years and that further analysis may yield new discoveries about the formation of the Moon and of the Solar System.


Game and Story Use

  • If there is water on the Moon, that suggests that there might have at one time been life on the Moon too.
    • Perhaps some eldritch horror lies sleeping at the bottom of Cabeus crater, undisturbed for billions of years — until now!
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