League Of Extraordinary Whatevers
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Basic Information

The League of Extraordinary Whatevers is when your adventuring party is assembled from historical characters who probably had no interaction in the real world, but have some common thread that loosely justifies putting them together for an RPG campaign.

The same can also be done with fictional characters from different source materials or worlds. Often this would involve the Literary Agent Hypothesis as a way of explaining how such characters might exist in the same setting. Otherwise, there may be some sort of multiverse explanation and/or a dimensional gateway. Light comedic games can probably just hand wave it away.


1. Graphic Novel: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore, from whence this page draws it's name.
2. Animated Series: Futurama had the Vice Presidential Action Rangers. Al Gore lead several other famous nerds to repair the Space-Time Continuum.
3. Web Comic: PVP mentions a game Andy Collins ran that was along these lines, with 80s TV icons as characters.
4. Actually, Andy Collins used to run something along those lines every year at Gwen Con, with a different genre each time. Andy talks about it on his blog, but I can't figure out how to link directly to the post in question (Search for "Gentlemen"). I played in his Extraordinary Cowboys version one year, which I described on my blog.
5. Sophie Lagace ran a short-shot at the Emerald City Game Feast that was along this lines. All the PCs were aging Brits who'd been knighted - from Sir Mick Jagger to Dame Jane Goodall.
6. I ran an Og game that was heavily influenced by Land of the Lost, and had Sarah Palin (with a conservative version of the Vice Presidential Rangers) fall through a portal to the past. More info at my blog again.
7. Cracked has an article about some surprising connections between famous historical figures mentioned below. Cracked is an entertaining source for all sorts of obscure historical goofiness.

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