Leo (Sun Sign)
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Basic Information

Sun Sign: Leo
Born: July 23-August 22
Drama Queen. Ambitious and determined. Open and honest. Wears their heart on their sleeve. Susceptible to flattery.
Element: Fire
Planet: Sun
Sign: the Lion
Tarot Card: Strength


Game and Story Use

  • Seems like a perfect characterization for a King, Queen or Emperor, particularly one who's actually good at their job and not a total tyrant. The Leo king likes being at the center of it all, and may have an eye on expanding thier empire. They probably won't stab you in the back or invade when you're not looking, but they will look for a good casus belli to muscle in on your territory if they can do so legally.
  • Probably a decent characterization for most full-on hero PCs. The Proud Warrior Race Guy, knight errant or other hotshot who has good intentions but is mostly questing for glory. Big Damn Hero types.
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