Less-Lethal Weapon
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"UNATCO Troop 1: Denton! Hey, it’s Denton!"
"UNATCO Troop 2: You want these?"
"JC Denton: What?"
"UNATCO Troop 1: Give’m the grenades!"
"UNATCO Troop 2: Look, I know he’s your brother, but-."
"UNATCO Troop 1: Your brother gave us these things! Look at this, "irritation to all exposed mucous membranes" - what’s that gonna do?"
"UNATCO Troop 2: Just tell Paul to give us bullets next time."
"UNATCO Troop 1: Here’s one: "Prolonged exposure can damage the bronchial pathways." Prolonged exposure? It’s like giving ‘em cigarettes or something."
"UNATCO Troop 2: Look, do you want these things?"
"JC Denton: Keep ‘em. Those things save lives."
"UNATCO Troop 2: Terrorist lives, you mean. You’re just like your brother. If I had your abilities, people would be safe around here."

Deus Ex

Basic Information

Less-Lethal Weapons are what we now call the former "Non-Lethal" weapons now that the public is no longer fooled into thinking such things are actually incapable of killing someone. They are used for Riot Control, Crowd Control, Prisoner control, Self-Defense, and apprehending criminals in situations where deadly force is not ideal.

Less-Lethal Ammunition

Less-Lethal Chemical Weapon

Less-Lethal Electroshock Weapon

Sonic Weaponry

Energy Weapons

Less-Lethal Gun Types


Game and Story Use

  • One way PCs can get their shoot-em-all and gunfondling fixes without leaving a trail of bodies.
  • When you need to catch a suspect for interrogation, but hopefully not put them in the hospital (or in the ground) less-lethal weaponry fits the bill.
  • As noted by the cynical statement at the top of the page, even less-lethal weapons sometimes kill people. Headshots (eyeshots in particular), overdoses, and situational complications can lead to all sorts of fatal trouble. A critical hit on the attack roll, or a critical failure on the saving throw to resist incapacitation, could (and should) result in real damage.
  • "Don't Tase Me, Bro!"
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