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Basic Information

A liqueur is an alcoholic drink, generally of moderate strength and thick, syrupy consistency with a sweet and fruity or herbal flavour. Although generally consumed for recreational purposes in the modern era, these are the descendants of a variety of herbal concotions originally designed for medicinal use and sharing aspects of the tincture and the cordial. Such things were often the work of monks - hence such drinks as Benedictine.

Time consuming to produce they are typically expensive and consumed in small amounts and/or as ingredients in cocktails - frequently as flavourings for drinks in which the bluk of the alcohol content is provided by something else. Also consumed as aperetifes or reliefs before or during meals in many cultures.


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Game and Story Use

  • The ancestral, medicinal variant might well crop up in an earlier period campaign.
  • Might well comprise treasure - especially as a lot of mooks are liable to find these things undrinkable and they can be stored more or less indefinitely.
  • Useful colour to add to formal receptions and banquets.
  • May be used as a disguise for potions - or one may be mistaken for the other, leading to hilarity in some circumstances.
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