List of Animals
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Basic Information

This page lists the mundane (i.e. neither fictional nor mythological) animals detailed in the wiki. These are pages on individual species and breeds, for the most part, though you'll find a few larger categories as well. The list is presented as a single alphabetical list, rather than nested or tiered, because if the wiki grows it would become harder to maintain a nested list. The search function is your friend.

Noteworthy Extinct Animals

Famous Animals

These are famous individual animals.


Here's a short list of some of the more common classes of animal. It's not an exhaustive or technical break down, by any means. A detailed explanation of how Taxonomy and Cladistics work is probably beyond the scope of a gaming site such as ArcanaWiki (as it is largely unneeded for gaming purposes). However, certainly sometimes it's helpful to know things about categories of life.

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