List Of Roaring Twenties Professions
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Basic Information

The Roaring Twenties are certainly among the most exciting years of the 20th Century. For one brief decade you have economic prosperity bookended by World War I on one end and the Great Depression on the other. Massive cultural transformation happened as well in this era, before diving back into conservatism in the 30s. It's the era of Prohibiition, but also the era when women first got the vote, and the decade which saw the popularization of the automobile and jazz. Women, minorities, and homosexuals had a taste of equality and freedom they wouldn't experience again till the end of the 1960s or later.

The List

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The Thirties:

As we go into the thirties, things start to settle down a bit, and society turns more conservative. Incorporate the following changes and additions:


Game and Story Use

  • This is the era of Eliot Ness, Al Capone and all that goes with it. That should provide plenty of fuel for adventures.
  • Common setting of Cthulhu Mythos scenarios, too!
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