List Of Tags

As described in the Arcana Wiki Style Guide, you can give pages individual tags. These have two uses:

This page represents a list of "canon" tags which are used for various functions of the Arcana Wiki. You can freely create new tags, but keep those guidelines in mind:

  • As with page titles, use the singular form of a word instead of its plural unless you have a really good reason for doing so. I.e. use "city" instead of "cities".
  • Don't create new tags if existing tags already cover essentially the same thing. I.e. don't use a "place" tag if there is already a well-established "location" tag.

Click on the tag names to see a complete list of all entries tagged with them. If you want to add new tags to the "canonical" list, you should either create a page with a random generator or propose it on the discussion thread of this page.

Tag Name Description
aquatic_animal An aquatic or amphibious animal. Used by the Random Animal Hybrid generator to make mer-creatures.
character Describes the role of a character in a story (as opposed to his personality, although there may be some overlap). Used in the Random Characters generator.
combat_role Describes the role of a character in a fight scene, such as whether they rush into melee or hold back to cast support buffs. Used in the Random Characters generator.
crime Criminal activities used in the Random Crimes generator.
criminals Perpetrators of crime used in the Random Crimes generator. Note: Should probably be altered to criminal.
day This is reserved for specific days of the year referred to in news articles, events, and in the timeline.
event This is reserved for specific news articles listed in the timeline.
female_characterization Describes the personality of a character (as opposed to her role in a story). Female Characterization pages describe personality traits which are predominantly or exclusively found among females. Used in the Random Characters generator.
horned_animal Any animal with horns, antlers, ossicones or other notable head adornment. Not yet used by the Random Animal Hybrid generator, but I've been wanting to add that once there's enough pages to make it interesting.
index This is reserved for any article which does not belong to the above categories and is not a normal entry but either serves as an index pointing to more interesting entries or discusses the wiki itself (like this page). As a rule of thumb, if a page has entries in its Game and Story Use section, don't use this tag. The primary use of this tag is to keep pages tagged with it out of certain random generators, such as the Random Adventure Seeds generator.
legged_animal Any animal with legs. Used by the Random Animal Hybrid generator to determine the look and properties of the legs of a chimera.
location Places - both those with an identifiable physical location (such as the Palisades Rathouse and more general place categories (such as Shopping Mall). Used in the Random Crimes generator.
male_characterization Describes the personality of a character (as opposed to his role in a story). Male Characterization pages describe personality traits which are predominantly or exclusively found among males. Used in the Random Characters generator.
map_resource This is reserved for pages which feature external links to useful, gameable maps. A list of such pages is automatically generated on the Map page.
natural_animal Used on real-world animal species (including extinct species). This is used in the Random Animal Hybrid generator.
news This is reserved for specific news articles listed in the timeline.
profession Occupations and professions. Used by the Random Characters generator to determine the character's day job.
rng_arch Architecture and building types of all sorts. Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_creature Monster races and dangerous creature types. Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_culture Nations, cultures, ethnicities, and entire religions (but not individual religious practices). Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_deity Gods and other mythological beings that might be worshipped (such as angels, demons, saints, great old ones, unique named monsters, etc). Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_economy Economic systems and major categories of currency. Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_ftg Trade goods and equipment of a magical or supernatural nature. Stands for "fantasy trade goods". Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_government Forms of government, such as monarchy or communism. Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_history Major historical events. Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_location Famous locations that could well be known on a global, or at least national, scale. Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_mtg Trade goods and equipment appropriate to eras from the industrial revolution to the very near future. Stands for "modern trade goods". Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_org Organizations of people. Political groups, religious orders, crime families, major corporations, etc. Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_people Famous historical characters. Fictional or legendary characters are okay as well, provided they are archetypical, well-known, and/or easily adapted to other settings. Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_pitg Trade goods and equipment appropriate to a pre-industrial nation or era, from the Stone Age up to the Renaissance. Stands for "pre-industrial trade goods". Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_politics Major political issues, scandals, and news stories that operate on a national level. Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_project Large projects, the likes of which might require the efforts and resources of an entire city or nation. The projects may be construction, scientific, or cultural. Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_race Species of sentient and intelligent beings that might build entire cities. Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_religion Individual religious practices and rituals. Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_resource Basic natural resources, such as crops, livestock, ores and crude oil. Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_sftg Trade goods and equipment appropriate to the far future or high-tech interstellar civilizations. Stands for "science-fiction trade goods". Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_terrain Natural terrain that can occur on normal worlds, and could potentially cover a large area. Used by the Random Nations generator.
rng_xterrain Exotic terrain. This includes fantasy, unearthly, sci-fi and man-made terrain. Used by the Random Nations generator. Real-world terrain is fine here as well, if it's sufficiently unusual or affects just small areas.
rps_alienlife Scientific concepts relevant to xenobiology. Also, tropes associated with aliens. Used by the Random Planetary System generator.
rps_badplanet Planet types on which human life would be impossible or require major terraforming and/or sealed environments. Used by the Random Planetary System generator.
rps_habitable Planets that could support life of a familiar (carbon-based, oxygen-breathing) sort. Used by the Random Planetary System generator.
rps_hazard Things that might make exploration or colonization of a star system difficult or hazardous. This is a broad category that overlaps with several of the other rps_ tags. Used by the Random Planetary System generator.
rps_mega Massive stellar megastructures. Used by the Random Planetary System generator.
rps_starmultiple All types of stars and star-like phenomema, even those that don't generate enough light or heat to support life. Used by the Random Planetary System generator.
rps_starsingle Stars that can theoretically support life or fuel an entire system. Used by the Random Planetary System generator.
tailed_animal Any animal with a tail. Used by the Random Animal Hybrid generator to determine the shape and properties of the tail of a chimera.
universal_characterization Describes the personality of a character (as opposed to his role in a story). Universal Characterization pages describe personality traits which can be commonly found among both genders. Used in the Random Characters generator.
winged_animal Any animal with wings. Used by the Random Animal Hybrid generator to determine the look and properties of flying chimeras.
year This is reserved for specific years listed in the timeline.

Please insert these tags whenever appropriate. You can see all tags currently in use in the following tag cloud. Please strive to reduce redundancy!

1700s 1800s 1920s 1950s abandoned abduction aboriginal acid adventure_seed aesop africa afterlife agriculture aircraft airplane airport alabama alarm alchemist alchemy algae alien aliens alloy alternate_universe alternative_science america american ammunition amphibean amphibious amulet ancient_astronauts ancient_egypt ancient_greece ancient_rome ancient_world android angel angler animal animal_cruelty antarctica antidote antigravity antimatter ape apocalypse apprentice aquaculture aquatic_animal arabia arachnid archaeology architecture archosaur arctic arizona arkansas armour armoured_fighting_vehicle arrow art arthropod artifact artist asia assassination assault asteroid astrology astronautics astronomy astrophysics atmosphere atomic australia australian author automobile aviation aviator ax aztec aztec_myth aztec_mythology baby badass balkans ballet baltic bamboo banking bar barbarian barber base bat bear bee beer behavior beheading belgium beverage bible bibliography bicycle big big_brother bigfoot binary_star biography biology bird blackhole black_hole blackmail blacks blue boast boat body body_modification body_part bomb bones book boomtown botany bow bratwurst bridge britain brittany brother bug building bullet bureaucracy burial business calendar camera campaign_setting canada canal cannibal carbon carnivore carthage caste castle castle_feature cat cathar catharism catholic_church catholicism cattle cavalry celebrity centaur centipede century cephalopod cetacean chainmail character chemical chemical_weapon chemistry child chile china chlorophyll chocolate christian christmas chupacabra church circus cities city civil_servant civil_war classical_greece classical_mythology climate cloning cloth clothing club coast cobra cold_war colonial_era coma combat combat_role comedy comet communication communications composers composite_monster computer concrete confidence_game conflict conman conspiracy conspiracy_theory constrictor construction contraceptive contract cop copper cops corporation corpse cosmetic cosmology costume country courtesan cowboy craftsman creature creatures crime criminal criminals critical_hit crocodile crossbow crossroads crustacean cryptid cryptography cthulhu cthulhu_mythos cuba culture currency curse cursed_item curses cybercrime cyborg czech_republic dagger damage danger dangerous dark_matter day death death_god debris decade decapitation decree defense degenerate_matter deity demihuman demon dentist desert design destroyed detective devil diamond diceless diety dimension dimensions dinosaur disambiguation disaster disease diseases disguise ditch divine djinn doctor dog domesticated_animal door dragon dreamtime drink drowning drug drug_cartel dualism dump dungeon dwarf dwarf_planet dye dyson_sphere economics economy education egypt electricity electronic element elements elite elizabethan embalming emotion empire energy engine engineering england enlightenment ensemble entertainment enviroment environment envy equinox equipment eruption esopotamia espionage essay ethiopia etruria etruscan_god etruscan_myth etruscan_mythology europe event events evidence evil evil_eye evolution execution exobiology exogenesis exoskeleton exotic_matter experiment exploration explosion explosions explosive extinct extinction eye face fae fairy falconry fall family fantasy farm farmer fashion feline female_characterization feminist ferret fertility_god festivals fiction fictional fictional_character fictional_creature fictional_event fictional_technology film film_noir fire fire_fighter fire_fighting firework fish flagpole floating flood florida flower folklore folk_remedy food forcefield forensics forest forgery fortification fossil fox france fraternal_order freemason french fruit ftl fuel fueller funeral funerary_practice fungus furnace furniture future futuristic gadget galaxy game gang garbage garden gas_giant gate gateway gem genetic_engineering genetics genre genres geology geometry germany geyser ghost ghosts ghost_town giant glacier glass goat goblin god goddess gold golem good government government_agency government_agent graves gravity greece greek greek_god greek_myth greek_mythology green gum gumshoe gun gunslinger hair haiti hallucination hammer hand hawaii hazard head headless healer healing heat helicopter hell help henchman heraldry herbalist herbivore heresy heretic hero hill historical historical_figure history hoax holiday holidays hologram holy_symbol homeless homeopathy homicide hominid honduras honey hong_kong honor horde horned_animal horomone horror horse hospital hovercraft human humanoid humiliation humorism hunter hunting hybrid hydrogen hyena hyperspace ice ice_age iceland idaho illness illuminati immortality immortals imp inca index india indonesia inheritance insanity insect intelligence internet interstellar_terrain intrigue inuit investigator iraq ireland islam islamic_golden_age island israel italy japan jargon jealousy jellyfish jewelry journalists judaism judge jungle jupiter jyhad kangaroo kansas kazakhstan kidnapping king kingdom kitsune knife knight lake lamp lance landmark language languages laser lasers latin_america law law_enforcement leader leather leed legal legend legends legged_animal library life_preserver light lighthouse lighting light_source lion living_fossil lizard location logic longarm lost lost_cities lost_city louisiana lycanthrope macabre macguffin madness mafia magic magic_item magic_user magnet male_characterization mall mammal map map_resource maritime_disaster marriage mars marsupial martial_arts mask massacre mass_grave mass_murder math mathematics maya mayincatec medical medicine megastructure meistersinger melee melee_weapon meme mercenary merchant mercury mesoamerica mesopotamia mesopotamian_mythology messenger meta metal metaphor meteor meteorite mexico micronesia microscopic middle_ages middle_east midian military mind_control miner miners mines minions minnesota miracle misdemeanor misogyny missile missing_link missouri model mollusc monarchy money mongol mongols monopoly monster monuments mook mooks moon moral mosnter mount mountain mounted movement mummy murder murderer museum museums music mutant mutation mystery myth mythological_character mythological_creature mythology nanotech nation native_american native_americans natural_animal nature naval navy nazi nazis nebraska needs_cleanup negligence neologism neutron_star nevada new_mexico new_orleans news newspaper newspapers new_world new_york nicaragua nickname nigeria nikola_tesla ninja nixon nobility nocturnal noise norse norse_god norse_myth north_america northrhine-westfalia norway nuclear nuclear_power nuclear_war nukes numbers occult oceans ohio oil_rig old_world omnivore oops oranization organisation organization organized_crime origins orrery otherworld otter outer_space outlaw out_of_place_artifact oxygen pacific_northwest pagan palestine panspermia pantheon paper parallel_worlds paranormal parasite parent party pennsylvania people performer persia person pet petroleum_product pharaoh philipines philosopher philosophy phlebotinum phobia physics pigment pillow pilot pirate pistol place plane planet plant plants plasma plastic plea plot plot_device poet poison poland police political_party politicians politics pollinator pollution potion power prank pregnancy prehistoric prehistory preservation president priest primate princesses prison prisoner profession projectile prophecy prophet prospector prostitute prostitutes psionics psychic psychology pub puerto_rico pulp punishment pursuit pyramid quantum_mechanics rabbit raccoons racism radiation radio railroad ranged_weapon rat real rebel rebreather redirect reincarnation relationship relic religion renaissance reptile republic reputation research retiree revenge revolution reward rich rifle ring ritual river rng_arch rng_creature rng_culture rng_deity rng_economy rng_ftg rng_government rng_history rng_location rng_mtg rng_org rng_people rng_pitg rng_politics rng_project rng_race rng_religion rng_resource rng_sftg rng_terrain rng_xterrain robot rock rock_and_roll rocket rodent romance roman_god roman_myth roman_mythology rome royal_decree royalty rps_alienlife rps_badplanet rps_habitable rps_hazard rps_mega rps_multiple rps_single rps_starmultiple rps_starsingle ruler russia russian sacrifice sailing saint salt salvage san_marino sasquatch satellite scam scandinavia scanner scent scholar school science science_fiction scientist sci_fi sci-fi scorpion scotland scribe scroll sculpture sea sea_god seal seattle secret secret_police secret_society secret_socities security_device seduction sense sensor serial_killer serpent servant setting sex shackles shapeshifter shape_shifter shape-shifter shelter shield ship shipping shotgun shriners sidekick siege sin skeptic skill skunk_whisperer slang slaughter slavery smart smell smith smithing snake snakes sng_culture sniper social_rank solar_flare solar_system soldier solstice solvent somalia sorcery soul sound south_america soviet space spacecraft spaceship spacesuit spain spear special_forces spell spice spider spirit sport spy squid staff standing_stones star stardrive statite statue stealth sting_operation stone stone_age storage storm strange_matter street_gang stub stull subatomic submachinegun submarine suicide sun sun_god sunken sun_sign superhero supernatural surveillance survival survival_gear swamp swamps swashbuckling sweden switzerland sword symbolism syndrome taboo tailed_animal tails tank tapestry tattoo tax technology telephone temperature temple temporal_tricks temptation terrace terrain terrorism texas textile theatre theft tibet time_machine time_travel titan title tool tornado torture tourist_trap town towns toxic toy tracking trade train transportation trash travel traveling_salesman treasure trickster trope tropes truck tsunami turkey twins ufo uk ulfberht undead underground underwater underworld unformatted unicorn uniform united_kingdom united_nations united_states universal_characterization upper-class urban urban_legends usa us_civil_war valley vampire vampires vanir vehicle vending_machine venomous_animal venus vibration victorian victorian_era video video_game viking vikings villain villains virginia visual volcano voodoo wagon waheela war ward warp warrior wars washington_state waste water watercraft watergate weapon weather wedding weevil well werewolf whisperer wicca wildlife wild_west willpower wine winged_animal winter wisconsin witch witchcraft wizard wmd woman women wood woods wormhole writing ww1 wwi wwii xenobiology x-ray year zebra zombie
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