List Of Tribal Professions
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Basic Information

This is a list of occupations likely to be available in hunter-gatherer and nomadic cultures. Note that many such societies lack professional specialization. Everyone shares in a variety of chores and tasks, and no one gets to focus exclusively upon a particular job. The nomadic lifestyle makes it hard to focus on one specialty, and requires everyone to travel lightly. Dedicated bureaucrats, artisans, hierarchy, etc, are relatively rare in such cultures[1]. See gift economy for a possible economic (and social) structure that such cultures are likely to develop. Equality is commonly a hallmark of such societies.

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Late Tribal



Game and Story Use

  • If the PC has travelled to a low-TL civilization and made to work, then these would be useful.
    • Indeed, any veteran chrononaut would be likely to have a couple of relevant skills, so that they can find food or work no matter when they go in time. Having a job helps provide a cover, as well.
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