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Basic Information

Lund is one of Sweden's oldest cities. In the recent day it is referred to as a university city.
The city has a population of about 70 to 80 thousand, and has over 40 thousand part-time or full-time students.


The city of Lund was founded year 990.
Lund used to be Denmark's most important city and for a long time held the position as the center of religious, cultural and educational matters up until the Reformation 1536 when the Church was secularized.
Year 1658 Lund was taken by Sweden during the time of the Swedish Empire.
Lund has throughout the years been a much tested city, victim of many plagues, fires and wars.


Game and Story Use

  • During the Reformation and the year when Sweden took Lund from Denmark numerous of Lund's many churches were destroyed. Perhaps this 'Capital of Religion''s fall scarred the land, causing the long dark ages following.
    • Perhaps the acts laid a curse upon Lund, and if so, can it be removed? What will happen if it doesn't?
    • In the current day Lund has been prospering as an University City, while its importance as a religious hotspot has shrunk to insignificance, yet the dark ages of Lund seems to be over, but is that really true, or is it just the quiet before the storm?
      • Can it be prevented? What will happen if this curse strikes with its full power? Will demon spirits escape into our world, or even manifest physically like Hellgate London?
  • Lund is a city with several places of research and high education such as the Lund University Hospital and the Faculty of Engineering. If the characters need to get hold of State of the Art technology, a new invention, or even the cure for The Virus Lund might very well be the place to go.
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