Mad Scientist
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Basic Information

This Character as Device Trope refers to scientists who are mad, and engaging in science that is equally as mad. They are eccentric, bumbling, or possibly genuinely insane, and can be benign or villainous. A Mad Scientist can range from Absent-Minded Professor to Evil Genius. Either of those character tropes can exist independently without overlapping with the Mad Scientist archetype, and a Mad Scientist doesn't have to fall into either of those categories either.

It's also worth noting that a significant number of "mad scientists" are actually engineers, as evidenced by their tendency to build things rather than develop theories. There is, of course, significant overlap at some points.

Random Evil Scheme for your mad scientist to engage in:

Or, depending on what random link this generates, it may just be a field of mundane science you need to "Mad-ify".

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Tropes pertaining to the Mad Scientist's personality, characterization, or evil schemes:

Tropes of characters and things associated with Mad Scientists:

Famous Mad Scientists

Historical Mad Scientists

Fictional Mad Scientists

There are, of course, plenty more than this list, but these are not only iconic, they're also Public Domain Characters.



Game and Story Use

  • One of the most iconic character tropes, appropriate for a great many genres.
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